Lapford Emergency Response Team (LERT) is curated and run by Lapford Emergency Action Planning under Lapford Parish Council

Lapford Foodbank is curated and run by Lapford Community Church

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Lapford Foodbank

Donations & Contributions

The ARK is the home of Lapford Foodbank, providing emergency food support to anyone in need in the area and, in accordance with the most recent government COVID-19 restrictions, is still operating. The Foodbank is intended as a buffer between having food and not being able to eat. All goods stored are non-perishable items.

For all contact during the current COVID-19 situation, please call 01363 83666.

If a food pack is required, this may be requested through any of the following contacts:

  • Lapford Community Primary School
  • Lapford Preschool
  • Local Doctors’ Surgeries
  • Calling 01363 83666

Food packs are usually delivered, but maybe collected by arrangement.

During this time of Covid19 Lockdown, some people have asked if they can make a donation towards our initiative.  We extremely touched by these offers, however as we are expecting government support (which, at time of writing, is being progressed by MDDC), we feel it would be inappropriate for LEAP to accept these generous offers.  

That said, we have been working alongside the Lapford Foodbank hosted at the Ark and would be delighted if people wishing to show their support for our initiative, are invited to make any donation (financial or food items) to our village Foodbank.  

The Lapford Foodbank is set up for receiving donations and attaching government Gift Aid for these. It also has an ever-changing need for food items.

Please see the Lapford Foodbank’s own page, where you can make a Gift Aid donation and find an up-to-date list of food items needed: