A message from the Chairman of Lapford Parish Council

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020

As the village enters into a virtual lock down, I would like to say how proud I am at the way the village is reacting. Some five years ago the Parish Council set in motion the formation of an Emergency action plan. It was pointed out at that time that probably the most serious incident that the plan would deal with would be dealing with a pandemic.

Well here it is.

Almost immediately, several young ladies of the village showed their concern over how the village could deal with the problem. After a meeting which they suggested and which included members of the Lapford Emergency Response Team (LERT), The Parish Council and a number of willing volunteers, a plan began to develop.

The official village team is called Lapford Emergency Response Team (LERT) and the central point for information is the village website at


Our contact details are;

Dedicated phone number : 07496 144 772

Dedicated Email address : help@lapfordvillage.co.uk

Facebook group page is : Help the vulnerable in our community (Lapford)

Also available is the LVCA (Lapford Voluntary Car Aid) Contact Grace Hills on 01363 83178.

If you would like to offer any help or support, either individually or as a society, please send an email to icanhelp@lapfordvillage.co.uk

If you are looking for official Government information on Corona Virus, you will find it here: www.lapfordvillage.co.uk

Once again, I would like to thank and congratulate this willing team of helpers.

As two of the older residents in the village, my wife and I would like to once again thank this great village for the way in which it supports those in need.

If anyone is struggling with Medication and Shopping needs, please use the contact details above.

Let’s hope that between us, we can see the village through these difficult times.

Ian Hemsworth

Chair Lapford Parish Council.